ODK’s experience in civil engineering design includes a variety of services that fall under community design, site design, and utility design. We are able to provide in-house GPS surveys, drafting and inspection services, and to present design ideas to our clients in a way that is clear and relevant to the community, which creates a full-service experience.

Civil engineering services include:

  • Water and sewer treatment systems
  • Water transmission and distribution systems
  • Sewage collection systems
  • Subdivision and community development
  • Roads and parking lots
  • Shoreline protection and flood control
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Evaluation and feasibility studies
  • Storm water and drainage management
  • Parks and recreation facilities

The expertise and integrated services offered by the ODK Engineering team comprises a broad range of experience. ODK Engineering and our team of engineers and technical service professionals have worked hand-in-glove with First Nations, municipal, and utility service organizations across Manitoba and Ontario for over 30 years.